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    Salt Lake County Democratic Party has “temporarily suspended”
    longtime state Sen. Gene Davis from all party events in the county.

    A former intern and campaign staffer of state Sen. Gene Davis
    accused the longtime lawmaker of sexual misconduct late Wednesday.

    Sonia Weglinski, a 20-year-old University of Utah student, said
    there were multiple instances in which Davis touched her, making her
    feel uncomfortable, during the five months she worked with him.

    The former 2022 legislative intern and campaign staffer said she
    resigned in late spring after telling Davis’ campaign manager,
    former Salt Lake County Democratic Party Chair Richard Jaramillo,
    about the alleged misconduct. She told The Salt Lake Tribune she
    waited until after the primary election, which Davis lost to Nate
    Blouin, to ensure her accusation wouldn’t be considered a political

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