• Lori Loughlin cried while talking about daughter going off to college i

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    Liberal Democrats, too lazy and stupid to compete
    scholastically. This is the result of the present day inferior
    California school system, once the envy of the entire free
    world, after 40 years of Democrat control and parasitic
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    After news broke that “Full House” actress Lori Loughlin is one
    of the many people charged in a nationwide college admissions
    cheating scandal for the wealthy, a 2017 interview in which she
    discusses her daughter going off to school has resurfaced in a
    new light.

    Shortly after Loughlin was charged, “TODAY” tweeted out the old
    interview in which Loughlin, accompanied by her daughter
    Isabella, talked about how hard it will be to send her off in
    the fall to attend USC.

    “She’s not going too far, but my husband keeps saying, ‘Lori
    you’re not going to see her, so just be prepared.’”

    As previously reported, Loughlin and her husband, fashion
    designer Mossimo Giannulli, are accused of paying bribes
    totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters,
    Isabella and Olivia Jade, appear as recruits on the USC crew
    team, despite having no real crew experience.

    The move was part of a much larger scam that saw the wealthy and
    powerful in the country pay coaches at prominent universities
    such as Wake Forest, Georgetown and University of Southern
    California as well as, SAT and ACT administrator through a
    college entrance consultant named William Rick Singer, who plead
    guilty to in federal court to racketeering conspiracy and
    obstruction of justice.

    “I think I’m in complete denial, I really am because when I
    think about it too much it will make me cry so I gotta stop,”
    Loughlin said of her daughter leaving for college in the 2017

    Isabella noted in the interview that she was excited to begin
    studying acting and was hoping to one day appear in movies or TV
    like her mom.

    "I just love all of it,'' she said. "I'd be happy to do

    She added that her mom had already helped her score a handful of

    The judge ruled Giannulli will be released on a $1 million
    dollar bond, securing the couple's home as bond. Giannulli's
    attorney said part of the reason they came to this agreement was
    with the hopes that Loughlin, also indicted in the case, would
    receive the same bond deal as well as be allowed to travel to
    Vancouver. The judge also ordered that Giannulli restrict his
    travel to the continental United States.

    Loughlin, who did not appear in court on Tuesday, reportedly has
    been filming a movie in Vancouver. According to multiple
    reports, the actress landed at LAX on Tuesday during the court

    A rep for Loughlin did not respond to Fox News' request for

    https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/embattled-lori-loughlin- cried-while-talking-about-daughter-going-off-to-college-in- resurfaced-2017-clip

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