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    Washington — U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence announced Thursday that she
    has accepted the resignation of her chief of staff following
    allegations that he sexually harassed several former office

    U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence has placed her chief of staff on
    administrative leave while she investigates allegations that he
    sexually harassed multiple former staff members.

    Lawrence, a Southfield Democrat, said she would have investigated
    sexual harassment allegations and fired anyone “engaged in sexually
    harassing behavior” in her office had she been notified. But,
    Lawrence said in a statement, “none of the concerns brought to my
    attention involved allegations of sexual harassment.”

    Lawrence issued the statement after several former aides told
    Politico that chief of staff Dwayne Duron Marshall sexually harassed
    them. Three unnamed former female aides told Politico they
    personally brought complaints to Lawrence about Marshall
    inappropriately touching them or commenting on their appearances.

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