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    None of this matter because what Hitler wanted is now being revived
    and will soon spred across the planet just like abortion has:
    Here is part of a speech by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, delivered in
    Nuernberg on September 13th, 1935 at the Seventh National-Socialist
    Party Congress:

    "Almost without exception, the intellectual leaders of Marxist atheism
    in Germany were Jews, among them being Erich Weinert, Felix Abraham,
    Dr. Levy-Lenz and others. At regular meetings, held in the presence of
    a notary public, members were requested to register their declaration
    of withdrawal from their church for a fee of 2 Marks. And this the
    fight for atheism was carried on. Between 1918 and 1933 the
    withdrawals from the German Evangelical Churches alone amounted to two-and-a-half million persons in Germany. The programme which these atheistic societies laid down in regard to sexual matters is amply charcterized in the following demands publicly expressed at meetings
    and distributed in leaflet form:

    1) The complete abrogation of the paragraphs of the law dealing with
    the crime of abortion, and the right to have abortion procured free of charge in State Hospitals.

    2) Non-interference with prostitution.

    3) The abrogation of all bourgeois-capitalistic regulations in regard
    to marriage and divorce.

    4) Official registration to be optional and the children to be
    educated by the community.

    5) Abrogation of all penalties for sexual perversities and amnesty to
    be granted to all persons condemned as 'sexual criminals'.

    "Truly a case of methodical insanity, which has for its aim the
    wilful destruction of the nations and their civilization and the
    substitute of barbarism as a fundamental principle of public life.

    "Where are the men behind the scenes of this virulent world
    movement? Who are the inventors of all this madness? Who transplanted
    this ensemble into Russia and is today making the attempt to have it
    prevail in other countries? The answer to these question discloses the actual secret of our anti-Jewish policy and our uncomromising fight
    against Jewry; for the Bolshevic International is in reality nothing
    less than a Jewish International."

    The end of civiliztion is upon us.
    Brought to you by ultra liberals such as Evelyn Ruut and her kind.! http://www.ihr.org/ http://www.natvan.com


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