• California judge writes law BANNING Univ of California from using S

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    He says he's doing this to help the disabled ( which is a bad legal
    argument anyway), but the real reason is because blacks do so poorly on
    all standardized tests.


    sep 1 2020 The University of California school system must stop using SAT
    or ACT scores while making admissions and scholarships decisions, a judge ruled Tuesday.

    The decision comes in response to a lawsuit filed earlier this year
    alleging the admittance of such scores during the coronavirus pandemic
    harmed disabled students who lacked the same test-taking opportunities as >nondisabled individuals. Alameda Superior Court Judge Brad Seligman issued
    a preliminary injunction blocking UC universities from accepting standard >test scores in their admissions processes as the complaint is argued in >court.

    "The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in restrictions in the availability of test-sites. While test-taking opportunities for all
    students have been limited, for persons with disabilities, the ability to obtain accomodations or even locate suitable test locations for the test
    is 'almost nil,' " Seligman said in a 17-page decision.

    They're just processing the shitnigs through and handing them diplomas
    whether the burrheads learned anything or not. It'll show when they apply
    for jobs, unable to write a complete sentence or correctly spell any word containing more than five letters...

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