• Pro-2A Student Shuts Down Anti-Gun Syllabus

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    Quick action by a vigilant pro-Second Amendment student at the
    University of Kansas has resulted in shutting down a professor’s
    anti-gun syllabus. After KU senior Victoria Snitsar shared a
    copy of the offending syllabus with university officials, the
    university forced the professor to remove language from his
    class syllabus that is not “in compliance with university
    guidelines and state law.”

    In his syllabus history professor Eric Rath requested students
    “not bring firearms to class or anywhere I am present.”
    Referencing widely discredited and biased gun control claims,
    Rath’s syllabus warned students that carrying a firearm could
    increase a student’s likelihood of being killed in an active
    shooter situation. Rath’s syllabus attempted to suppress the
    exercise of a constitutionally guaranteed right.

    A university spokesperson didn’t indicate if the professor of
    Japanese history would face any disciplinary action.

    Kansas, along with 9 other states, allows law-abiding citizens
    to carry firearms on campus. Rath used taxpayer resources to
    produce a syllabus that quotes extensively from the partisan gun
    control advocacy group, the Giffords Law Center for the
    Prevention of Gun Violence. His syllabus omits the fact that in
    Kansas, as in every other state, campus carry laws make
    students, faculty, and staff safer. In the first year of the new
    law, campus crime dropped by 13 at Kansas University.
    Furthermore, campus police did not record a single weapons
    violation on campus for the entire year.

    Kansas State Representative Blake Carpenter (R-81) says this
    kind of anti-gun bias has no place in our public universities
    and is pleased the university is taking action to correct the
    anti-gun syllabus. “It is unacceptable for professors to
    intimidate students like this and try to force their political
    views on them.” He encourages students to be vigilant to these
    types of attacks on our rights and bring them to light.

    Snitsar, who alerted national media outlets to the syllabus, is
    pleased with the university’s response. She says no student
    should feel unwelcomed in a classroom. She says she has always
    been active in calling out anti-Second Amendment bias on campus
    and lives by the Ronald Reagan motto, ‘freedom is never more
    than one generation away from extinction.’ “I just don’t want
    any other student to have to experience that kind of
    intimidation by a person in authority,” Snitsar said. “That is
    not right.”

    https://www.nraila.org/articles/20180907/pro-2a-student-shuts- down-anti-gun-syllabus

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