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    On Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, Patrick Milligan wrote:
    I am excited to have the opportunity to let you know about a remarkable system for teaching reading
    that I have recently discovered. A friend told me about a program named Action Phonics from
    Potentials learning systems. I called potentials and to find out more.

    It turns out that a man named Frank Lang, who founded Potentials
    learning systems over 40
    years ago, developed Action Phonics while working with students that no
    one else would take.
    this was long before we even had labels like Autism, Dyslexia, and
    Attention Deficit
    Disorder. Through Mr. Lang research a system was developed that could
    work for anyone
    including people with severe learning disabilities. Based on the laws of learning this system
    combines special techniques to make reading an automatic skill like
    talking or listening. They
    told me that their average progress rate for reading is better than a
    grade in 15 hours including
    people with learning disabilities like Dyslexia and ADD.

    I asked about comprehension and they explained that when a student no
    longer has to struggle with
    reading, they are better able to comprehend what they are reading. Not
    only are good reading skills
    essential to learning any subject, the learning skills acquired during
    this process gives the student an
    advantage in anything they try to learn.

    After becoming disappointed with many of the learning games and gimmicks available on the market
    these days I was still skeptical. This almost sounded to good to be
    true. Because they have been
    around so long they were able to provide me with many references. I
    began to call some of them and
    found that it was true. People who were told that they would never learn
    to read did learn threw
    Action Phonics. I found out that last year in South Georgia a pilot
    project was conducted using
    Action Phonics in a public school. The results were so impressive that
    the team of teachers involved
    were elected "best reading in the state" by the Georgia Middle School Association.

    Potentials was founded on the belief that human potentials is
    unlimited, they have been proving it for
    over 40 years. Potentials has programs for using Action Phonics at home,
    in schools, and
    professionally. I hope that this will help you as it has for many

    If you e-mail me your name, address, and telephone number and I will ask
    my friends at Potentials to
    send you more detailed information. Including some sample case studies
    and references. Please
    include some information about your own particular needs so that they
    will know which information
    to send.

    Or call Potentials 800 452 7323, and tell them that Patrick and Kelly
    told you about Action Phonics.
    You'll be glad you did.

    Patrick and Kelly Milligan

    Is there a current number for them as I am located in canada and cant seem to get through to that number

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