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    From Matthew DeBlock@21:1/5 to All on Wed Oct 14 14:17:53 2015

    Next three prototypes went well to. quite fun :)

    Dancelastic LED Strip

    1 meter +/- length of seamstress elastic
    some LEDs
    Arduino Nano (or any mcu)
    Sensor (magnetometer, accelerometer, etc)

    Basically just a seamstress elastic with LEDs spaced out and wires long enough for full stretch

    Still waiting on my accelerometers, so stuck using magnetometers again for now.

    Similar to LED dance suits. on a dark background you should only be able to see the lines moving around though, not (necessarily) the performer

    LASER Pixel Spindle
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xaj-N-GUAss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgJPfVE05LI

    Aruino nano
    several lasers
    drill +hole cutter
    steel wire

    Old idea, just done with arduino DIY.

    This is a VERY DIY build. the proper parts could easily be used and they are not expensive. with bearings and proper support the speed and frequency can go much higher obviously.

    Hard to scale too big without absolute speed of outer screw blades getting too high.

    Best to use plastic or paper for screw blades. you want the light to glow through as well.(the pixel should be visible form the side the laser hits and the back side as well for maximum visibility)

    I used a 10cm diameter circle, with a 1 diameter circle cut out of the centre. the sliced open along the radius and wrapped around the chopstick.

    to support, balance and reduce friction of the opposite end of the chopstick, there is a large hole with a spider web of thin steel wire. somewhat elastic, smooth and easily adjustable. fine for prototype, kinda crappy but if this works, then the right
    parts will definitely work ;)

    there is an aligned array of lasers, connected to arduino and timed on and off to draw pixels in the correct locations.

    Cycle is sensed by a laser pointed through the near middle of the screw and an infrared sensor receiving it. the red laser is just barely clear enough of an infrared signal to pick up reliably (except in sunlight ;)). if you look at the chopstick from
    the top there is an area where the perimeter caves in and and the radius shortens drastically then come back up. the laser passes through this region so it pulses with the spin cycle.

    Musical Cursor

    Arduino due (leo, etc..)
    electret mic
    button/dials for optional controls

    Just read the mic and make the mouse react to the signal in various ways and clicks.

    can try drawing the whole screen. but I found that it was much more fun if I also use a mouse and move it around as well.

    best to first code it to stay within a certain range(keeps track of its relative xy and stays within certain bounds). that way when you move the mouse it effectively moves the active area around.

    Then just open up some drawing software and go for it. search the haystack of effects for needles ;)

    The main idea is that you can play music, and the cursor will dance with the music. (right now just amplitude) this creates a pseudo random pattern that can often be good for graphics design (eg texturing). Its not only like embedding a part of the
    designers experience into the art, the artist can also "dance along with it" and even predict / plan how to move based on upcoming patterns in the music.

    Could be fun in a million other ways to. any kind of input could be used, not just sound. could also just make it all programmable patterns with no sensing, but that's less fun(perhaps more functional) and can be done in pure software more easily ;)

    Hope yall like :)
    Still working on the collection. coming along well :)

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