• My Halo 2 Vista copy doesn't even try to install itself!

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    Testing 123

    "Johan" <Johan@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:76216DE2-8229-4D0D-A325-8BF477E48F72@microsoft.com...
    I had the same problem. This is what I did to overcome it: Open the following
    folder on the install disk: redists. In that folder you will find the following, install them in the order I have listed (why? it worked!)

    1. vcredist.exe (Visual C++ redist.)
    2. DXSetup.exe
    3. H2V-licr.msi

    I am not 100% sure why this worked for me but it did.


    "Jason" wrote:

    I don't know if this is the best place to moan about my faulty game but I >> can't find anywhere else to state my grievences without paying £46 for
    support which is more than double the product price. I thought I could
    support free but I keep getting directed to the billing page. Maybe I am >> missing something?
    Anyway my problem from the beginning, I bought a used copy of Halo 2
    It seemed to be installing okay, then it said I needed to download an
    of Windows live, which I agreed to, I tried to do this several times but >> every time it froze and I had to close the process by starting task
    I wasn't able to start the actual game until I downloaded the update, so >> instead I tried to download the update from the microsoft website
    instead of letting the Halo instalation program do it for me. I
    the update successfully, then when i tried to install Halo 2 again it
    brought up a dialogue box saying "Files are missing or damaged in the
    installation directory: Some important files required to run this game
    missing in the installation directory." So I thought that maybe it was
    damaged as it was a used game. So I then bought a brand new one copy of >> Halo
    2, and when I put the cd in after the autoplay started the exact same
    dialogue box came up. I tried cleaning the cd, installing the game in
    mode, praying to the sun god, sacrificing a goat, closing every possible >> background program, deleting all traces of previous Halo installation
    attempts and nothing seems to work. My computer has all the necessary
    to run the game and the graphics card is a good one. If someone could
    light on this or tell me of someone who can I will give you a million
    pounds and my eternal gratitude, well only one of those things,


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