• 18 levels of numbering without tears

    From kontikonsumi@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 7 08:15:43 2018
    Is there also a way to have the following system for the headlines above 9?


    Thank you!

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  • From rpittman1045@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Bruce Brown on Fri Jun 7 09:07:46 2019
    I hate to be a dumb dumb but how do I get to the STYLE REF field and actually do the steps that you laid out below? I also need to make a larger table of contents and believe what you have is the answer, I just don't know how to do it.

    On Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 8:58:44 AM UTC-5, Bruce Brown wrote:
    At least two posters within the past year have asked how to create 18
    levels of numbering. Working with the STYLEREF field the other day, an
    answer occurred to me that's laughably easy.

    Set up the built-in Heading styles in the legal number format 1.1.,
    1.1.1., etc. and use them for levels 1 through 9. Beyond level 9, use
    the STYLEREF and LISTNUM fields side by side -- the first to capture
    the 9 numeric values at the point of insertion, and the second to
    number levels 10 to 18.

    ( STYLEREF 9 \S }.{ LISTNUM LegalDefault \L 1 \S 1 )
    ( STYLEREF 9 \S }.{ LISTNUM LegalDefault \L 2 )
    ( STYLEREF 9 \S }.{ LISTNUM LegalDefault \L 3 )
    ( STYLEREF 9 \S }.{ LISTNUM LegalDefault \L 4 )
    ( STYLEREF 9 \S }.{ LISTNUM LegalDefault \L 5 )
    ( STYLEREF 9 \S }.{ LISTNUM LegalDefault \L 6 )
    ( STYLEREF 9 \S }.{ LISTNUM LegalDefault \L 7 )
    ( STYLEREF 9 \S }.{ LISTNUM LegalDefault \L 8 )
    ( STYLEREF 9 \S }.{ LISTNUM LegalDefault \L 9 )

    . . . gives you . . .

    . . . etc.

    You have to be careful about adding the start switch \S 1 to the first
    level 10 field that follows a Heading 9 number, which re-starts all
    levels 10 and above. But that's only the one immediately after a
    Heading 9; otherwise you don't want any \S switch at all, just the
    level switch \L.

    Other than that, it's a pretty straightforward method: Heading styles
    up to level 9, compound fields after that.

    If someone absolutely insists that there be no period after the last
    number, you're out of luck. The period is part of the LISTNUM
    LegalDefault style and cannot be removed.

    Should your format call for a hodge-podge of numbering styles other
    than straight legal numbering, you could handle that too -- by setting
    up a named list template with outline-numbered styles defined by you,
    then using that name within the LISTNUM field in place of
    LegalDefault. In that case, you'd never actually use the styles you
    create; you'd use the LISTNUM field as a substitute for them.

    How about SEQ fields? Wouldn't they be better for this purpose? I
    don't think so. SEQ fields do single level lists only, not outlines,
    so you'd need nine differently named SEQ fields to do the same
    numbering as one LISTNUM field at level 9, and each of the nine SEQ
    fields would have to be re-started manually throughout the document.

    Setting up the 18 levels is the easy part. After that, how could
    anyone possibly read them?

    P.S. Apologies if someone else has already posted this solution; I
    missed it.


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