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    From BG Davis@21:1/5 to All on Mon Sep 18 09:39:29 2023
    RE: Win7, Office 2010
    I'm desperate. I've written a 350 page book full of illustrations, and everything looked good...until..
    Doing a final proof, I discovered that in the middle of the book, Word duplicated a page number by switching the footer of an even page header to 'odd page' footer.
    The sequence in the document is as follows:
    page 173 ends in 'section break odd page' (as desired, to make next chapter start on odd page)
    page 175 has 'first page header' and 'first page footer'
    page 176 has 'even page header' and 'even page footer'. so far, so good.
    the following page has "odd page header' (OK) but 'even page footer'. (not OK). page number 176 is repeated.
    the next page continues the mixup, with the new concept of odd header/even footer and even header/odd footer.
    I have check all boxes (different first page, different odd & even pages) for all sections (each chapter is a new section, odd page).
    What is going on here? I've spent days on formatting and I would hate to have to start over.
    Thanks in advance for any insights/solutions.

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