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    GS wrote:
    GS wrote:
    GS wrote:
    Computers are supposed to be able to automate repetitive (programming) >>>>>>> tasks.
       I create 200 different "Picture 3" (fifth iobj) and need to print >>>>>>> each one.
       But i cannot print even one without code to do that.
       For me to screen capture each one is manifestly stupid for me. >>>>>>>
       Do you have any clue as to what excel code to use for printing that >>>>>>> object?

    What I do with ScreenCapture has nothing to do with what you want to do >>>>>> print-wise. IF YOU PUT A PAGE BREAK AFTER EACH IMAGE as I suggested and >>>>>> use normal print process, individual pages will be printed ONE IMAGE >>>>>> PER PAGE!

       One has to GET the image first. At present i have no way to transfer >>>>> the fifth iobj as an image to anything, so it is moot.

    Not understanding your meaning here; - if the image is already on a
    worksheet then just follow its position with a PageBreak so the normal >>>> printing process outputs 1 image per page. Isn't this what you want?

       What is "follow its position"?
       So far, there is no "normal printing process"; i do not know what
    method or process or ... to use for printing.

    Ok, assuming your image objects are on a worksheet and are oriented
    top-to-bottom, the cell where the image object is inserted should also
    contain a PageBreak so when you use Excel's Print process there will be one >> image object per page. (You'll be able to see this in the PrintPreview

    There is only one object and it spans/covers a goodly number of cells; it was inserted from a file, and takes space like a chart.
    Therefore, a page break will have no effect - that would be behind the image/picture.
    And there is no "PrintPreview pane", never ever seen one in 7 years.

    Uh.., I've been using Excel since v4.0 and there has always been a PrintPreview window (File > Print Preview) until v2007 when PrintPreview was included on the Print tab of BackOffice, and now the File > Print tab in v2010 and later.

    Stupid mmmmmmmm... what code is needed to print a chart?
    Perhaps i could fumble that to print either the object or the picture, since those are the same image.


    You can't print objects themselves, just the portion of the sheet the objects are on.


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