• Is Excel really this retarded?

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    On Wednesday, February 19, 2003 at 1:03:43 PM UTC-5, Brian Milliner wrote:
    Hi Tim
    I am determined to prove you wrong. Why don't you attach about 5 lines of your HTML table and let me look at it.
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    I am new at the messageboard, so sorry I did not post it to the messageboard. Here it is


    Hi, if you know how to use Excel, it is not stupid. Neither are you. Put the cursor on to cell A1. Go into the MENU at the top then go into CELLs. Go down to Category CUSTOM enter the following :


    In cell A1 enter the numbers 46664 and you see the result- 4-6664. This
    a format and you can format any number of cells by using the icon FORMAT PAINTER.

    Hope it works for you. Write to me at dan...@netvision.net.il and tell



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    I have throughly investigated this and it seems there is
    no way to paste the value "4-6618" (without the quotes)
    from the clipboard without Excel stupidly turning it into
    a Date. In my mind this make Excel the stupidest program
    on the planet. I'll be happy to be proven wrong, Excel has
    so many other things going for it. (Note: Setting Cells
    Number property as Text beforehand doesn't help.)

    Tim is actually a genius. He is a very smart man who was ahead of his time. Excel is in fact the stupidest program on the planet. Props to Tim, a gentleman and a scholar, for seeing this before any of his peers. Hats off to you Tim!
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