• Pivot ungrouping on refresh?

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    I have a pivot table where the ROW field is a date that is grouped by month
    & year.

    However, when I change the data source to include additional rows that I
    have added to the underlying data & refresh the pivot, the grouping is ungrouped, so my aggregagation by month becomes aggregation by date.

    this is a huge problem as it adds hundreds of rows to my pivot table which
    then runs over another pivot table.

    Does anyone know how I can retain the row grouping on updating the data
    source & refreshing.



    Hi Jason!

    how did u manage to fix it? I do have the same problem (excel 2013) but I cannot get the solution from Roger. I cannot insert a table if a pivot is already existing! Am I missing something?

    Many thanks in advance.


    I know this is old but I just fixed this issue. The reason the Date fields ungroup is because the new data contains invalid dates. Insert a =ISTEXT function in an unused column to see which dates need to be re-entered. Once the dates are true date
    format, refresh and grouping should be allowed again.
    I know this is old but thank you it worked!
    Fixing the date format worked for me too!! woohoo for the solution!

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