• Re: type one key instead of shift colon

    From Vincent McGovern@21:1/5 to OfficeGirl on Fri Feb 10 10:07:27 2023
    On Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 7:00:01 PM UTC-4, OfficeGirl wrote:
    I am entering in a series of times to be calculated in Excel. Is there a way to "assign" a key on the keyboard to mean "shift + colon" rather than having to type the shift key and the colon every time?

    Yes!! I found an easy way to do this. download and open microsoft powertoys and find the keyboard manager settings. from there, you can remap any key to "shift + ;" (which will produce ":"). simply choose a physical key you will likely never use to remap
    "shift + ; " and you're set. i recommend getting rid of the back-slash key :)

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