• Table headers are blank

    From VanguardLH@21:1/5 to All on Fri Feb 3 15:58:04 2023
    Excel 2021 (part of MS Office Pro Plus 2021)
    Windows 10 Home x64

    I had 2 columns of data. The 1st row was for headers: Date and Reading.
    I selected the header row and all of the following rows with data. I
    hit Ctrl+T to convert the data into a table. I got the table headers,
    and the cell data in the table. The problem is the table header cells
    are blank. They don't have "Data" or "Reading", both are blank, and I
    cannot edit them to get them to show the header strings. When I click
    on a header cell, the string appears in the formula bar, but I cannot
    get that string to appear in the table header.

    I've even tried converting to a table and NOT selecting the option that
    headers are in the selected data range. I can see Column1 and Column 2
    in the table headers, but those strings don't appear in the table

    How do I get text to appear in the table's headers? I could select a
    range that does not include the header row when converting to a table,
    and then hide the table headers, but I should be able to keep the table
    headers AND have them show text to title that column in the table.

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