• Averaged Sum of a Series of Numbers with Each Number Having a Specific

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    Let's say I need to add 5 different test scores in the area of math for a student, all of which are in a single column. Each score is put in as a raw number with a coordinating possible total score. The total student score column sums at the bottom and
    the total possible score column sums at the bottom. I currently have the summed student scores being divided by the summed possible scores. However, in the instance that a student was either exempt or didn't take one of those 5 tests yet, the average
    formula still includes the total possible score for the missing test. How can I build a formula that takes the missing test score's total possible out of that individual student's calculation?

    D E
    Total Possible Student Score
    1: 50 34
    2: 80 ???
    3. 100 79
    4. 40 35
    5. 50 50
    6: SUM (320) SUM ( 198)

    SUM formulas in row 6: =SUM(D1:D5) and =SUM(E1:E5), respectively
    AVG formula: =AVG(E6/D6)

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