• Re: Protect validation but allow drop down selection

    From finest hhelper@21:1/5 to Eduardo on Tue Sep 6 21:19:22 2022
    On Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 7:56:01 PM UTC+8, Eduardo wrote:
    you can protect your workbook not allowing anybody to change you validation settings. you can give access to the whole spreadsheet but the validation. Highlight all the cell you want the user to enter information, right click in the mouse, format cells, Protection, uncheck locked, be sure that your validation list is locked, then protect the sheet
    if this helps please click yes, thanks
    "Paul07" wrote:
    I would like to allow users of my spreadsheet to select from a drop down list in cells but would like to prevent changes to the validation settings for the cell.

    I am finding that people copy>paste and the validation settings for the copied cells are added to the pasted cell.

    Any help?


    Does this (protecting worksheet) prevent all users from using the filter function?

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