• Re: How do I subtract time where hh:mm:ss:ff (frames = 30 frames/sec)

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    On Friday, December 2, 2016 at 1:58:10 AM UTC+5:30, cameron...@gmail.com wrote:
    Hi there, do you have a template excel sheet for this?

    On Thursday, July 19, 2007 at 8:04:01 PM UTC-4, Gary''s Student wrote:
    This is based upon 30 frames per second (Digital video)

    In A1 and A2 we enter as text:


    In B1 and B2 we enter:


    and format as Custom hh:mm:ss.00 to display:


    the tenth of a second because 3 frames is a tenth of a second. In B3 enter:

    =B1-B2 to display 00:00:03.43 in the same format. Finally to convert the .43 seconds into frames, in B4 enter:

    =TEXT(B3,"hh:mm:ss") &":" & TEXT((B3*24*60*60-INT(B3*24*60*60))*30,"00")
    to display:

    Gary''s Student - gsnu200734

    "KJ7" wrote:

    I've got a template I'm using (in Excel 2003) where I need to subtract two
    time-based fields from one another. (Seems simple enough). However... this is
    for use @ a small post production co., where the smallest unit of measure is
    not actually the more commonly referenced 'second', but rather - the 'frame'
    (generally at the rate of 24 or 30 frames per second).

    What I'd like to accomplish is this: a formula that takes the two timecodes
    and subtracts in from out... leaving me with a duration:

    EX: 01:11:27.03 - 01:11:23.20 = 00:00:03.13 (or 3 sec & 13 frames)
    thanks for your help.

    how to calculate the length of the cue , the video being 24 FPS .
    for eg : Music Cue start point in C3 has 01:05:22:03 and D3(Music cue end point) has 01:06:35:45
    what is the total cue length to be displayed on F3 , if in E3 we can have Frames per second as 24 .
    (Hours:Minutes :seconds: frames)

    Please help with a solution . Thanks

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