• convert kilograms to stones AND pounds

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    On Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 6:47:18 AM UTC, David Biddulph wrote:
    An improvement to that:
    =ROUND(CONVERT(A5,"kg","lbm")/14,0)&" st "&MOD(ROUND(CONVERT(A5,"kg","lbm"),0),14)&" lb"
    My original gave 10st 14 lb for 69.8 kg, for example, whereas my new formula gives 11st 0 lb.
    David Biddulph
    "David Biddulph" <groups [at] biddulph.org.uk> wrote in message news:F8-dnRgMWIKS1pvU...@bt.com...
    =INT(CONVERT(A5,"kg","lbm")/14)&" st "&ROUND(MOD(CONVERT(A5,"kg","lbm"),14),0)&" lb"
    David Biddulph

    "Bristlepete" <Brist...@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:5FEFCFC4-3772-4B35...@microsoft.com...
    Converting Kilograms to Stones is straight forward but is it possible to >> take the part of the number after the decimal point and convert it to

    Just tried formula and mostly works but odd ones do not e.g. 81,7 kg is being given as 13st 12lb but Google converter has is as 12.86555 [which is UNDER 13st]. FYI the formula I have pasted into Google Sheets is ...

    =ROUND(CONVERT(J698,"kg","lbm")/14,0)&" st "&MOD(ROUND(CONVERT(J698,"kg","lbm"),0),14)&" lb"

    ...which apart from cells looks the same.

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