• Named Range Keeps Disappearing...

    From dpb@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 12 16:13:37 2021
    I've created a name range in WorkookA that is the target of a =COUNTIF() formula in WorkbookB. It works just as intended, but...

    The "BUT" is that even with no changes to WorkbookA, somehow the
    definition seems to disappear and I have to recreate it.

    I don't recall having had this symptom before; what's the cause/cure?


    is the formula; I'm also not sure about why the sheet isn't named
    although all sheets in the workbook A have the same format over the
    range in question.

    I'd hate to have to manually paste the data into another sheet in B or something -- it really should update and let new data be entered in A so
    it is dynamic--that's the point of using the lookup to begin with.



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