• Import text into colums without using the wizard

    From Norbert Jaeger@21:1/5 to All on Wed Mar 31 08:16:02 2021
    My wife was using Excel 2010 for importing bank statements in csv format to Excel. Somehow she had to tell the Wizard only once, that the text is delimited by a comma, the date format is DMY and some other things. From then on, just by double-clicking
    the latest bank statement, Excel would open and the text is all nicely put into columns.
    With Excel 2016 this does no longer work, it seems. All the text of a row is put into one cell, with commas between the words.

    Does anyone know how we can change this behaviour of Excel 2016.
    We want to double-click the latest bank statement (in csv format) and expect Excel to open the file, showing the text in separate columns without first having to go through the Wizard every time.

    Thanks for your help!


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