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    What Are Creeper Shrooms?

    The Creeper mushrooms are a strain of magic mushrooms first sold by the Shroomery user “The Keeper.”
    There’s a lot of debate as to whether this strain actually deserves the title of strain or not.


    Let me explain what happened.

    The Keeper was a frequent user on the mushroom cultivation forum DMT-CART SHOP where he would often sell spores to other growers. He would brand the products he sold as “Keepers X” and at one time had a decent selection of strains to choose from.

    However, starting around 2018, the Keeper started receiving a lot of flack for allegedly rebranding already infamous and ubiquitous mushroom strains and jacking up the price (in some instances, as high as $80 for a spore syringe that would normally cost
    around $15–$25).


    As a result of this, it’s unclear whether Keepers Creepers (the original name) was truly a unique strain or not. Many experts speculate it’s actually the Cambodian strain rebranded. Others suggest they might be a copy of either the Hawaiian strain or
    Tasmanian strain.


    Regardless, Keepers Creepers is still around, but most vendors have dropped the name (and the obnoxiously high price) and just sell them as “Creepers.”

    Creeper shrooms are considered to be quite potent. Most users describe the trip they produce as unlike anything else they’ve ever experienced. Some trip reports suggest that the experience is a bit “darker” than they’ve experienced with other
    strains — they have a tendency to quite literally “creep up on you.”

    Whether this is due to the influence of the mushroom’s name or something else, nobody knows. https://trippychemist.com/product/creeper-magic-mushrooms/

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