• WSUS updates get to 99%

    From bd.nendzynski@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 29 02:51:16 2019
    Hello, everyone.

    Wish a great day to everyone!

    I have a short topic that want to ask you for the certain issue, and kindly ask for help.

    3/5 of my the updates are getting to 99%
    1/5 are getting to 100%
    1/5 are getting error - no report yet..

    All the updates are allowed.. to all the systems..
    After I reach the PC´s physically they do not accept the updates from the source.. Tried to run them manually still not working.
    Checked in Registry everything is correct, the source is right.

    The only PC´s that are getting to 100% are NEWLY installed PC and Windows XP supported systems(because there is no more updates for XP).

    Please assist me if someone solved this issue.

    Thank you.
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