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    On Tuesday, November 5, 2002 at 1:14:34 AM UTC-8, Karl Timmermans wrote:
    For those who may run into the same thing. Cause of the
    problem with the specific file in question was due to the
    fact that the CSV file was not created uniformly (i.e. not
    all records had the same number of fields). When Outlook
    imports the text files, it scans the first "n" of records (I
    think it's 25) to ascertain field type. In this case,
    starting with row 16 or so - there were substantially less
    fields in the row - hence the problem. Opening it in Excel
    and then importing it that way works since it obviously
    doesn't do the same checking when reading the file


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    "Carolyn Belknap" <belknaps@yahoo.com> wrote in message news:dec801c28116$c5c04150$39ef2ecf@TKMSFTNGXA08...

    Trying to import a CSV file into Contacts. I am running
    Outlook 2002 (Service Pack 2) on Windows XP. Using the
    Import/Export Wizard, I get the following error and can't
    get past this. Has anyone else run into this?

    "Translation Error. A file error has occurred in the
    Comma Separated Values (Windows) translator while
    initializing a translator to build a field map.

    The file ".yahoo_ab.csv" was not recognized. The
    Separated Values (Windows) translator was unable to
    recognize this file. It could be the wrong file, a
    version of the file type which is not supported by this
    translator, or the file might be corrupt."
    Thank you Karl you are a life saver!
    Darcy Roy

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