• Copy Paste Column Width Using Context Menu

    From Lily Smith@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 20 21:30:25 2023
    The best way to copy and paste column width is by using the options you get in the context menu when you right-click while pasting.

    Below I have a data set where I have the sales values of different stores for three months, and you can see that the column width for the months has been reduced. Game https://backroomsgame.net/.

    Below are the steps to copy and paste this data along with the column width:

    1. Select the data set that you want to copy
    2. Copy the data set (you can use the shortcut Control + C or right-click and then click on the Copy option)
    3. Right-click on the destination cell where you want to paste this data
    4. Hover the cursor over the icon to the right of the Paste Special option. It will show you some additional options there
    5. Click on the Keep Source Column Width(s) option

    That’s it – the above steps would paste the copy data as well as adhere to the column widths from the copy data (as you can see in the screenshot below)

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