• Heading 2 keeps reverting back to indented

    From Matt@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 9 11:56:28 2022
    I have tried so many times to change this style on this document so that it stays right, but it keeps reverting back to indented. My Heading 2 is indented by about an inch from the left margin. I go to the Style box, choose the style, choose Modify,
    click on the left indent so that it goes back, Options below are Add to the Styles Gallery and Only in this document, although I've tried selecting New documents based on this template and it doesn't make a difference. I've also tried using the format
    bar at the bottom of this dialog to change the formatting there, but it doesn't seem to make a differnce. The formatting changes and looks good. I save the document. But when I reopen it it's back to the left indent version again.

    I've gone into Developer, Document Template, and confirmed that Automatically update document styles is unchecked.

    I've looked in the original template to see if the formatting issue is there and it is not. But almost every new document I create with that template ends up having this same formatting issue after I save it. But when I look at the template itself it
    looks fine.

    I've marked the documents are read only so that when people open them they are looking at a read-only version of the document, so I know they're not changing them.

    I've gone through and attempted to reapply the template by going to my Document Template, Organizer, clear out my normal.dot by choosing Close file, then selecting the Template and copying all of the styles from it over to the left side. That way I
    know all of the styles from the original template are there. Like i said, the original template doesn't have this problem, but the documents I've created from the template do.

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to fix this issue consistently.
    Any ideas?

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  • From Matt@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 9 12:32:07 2022
    Just noticed that my Style type, when I go to Modify my style, says, "Linked (paragraph and character)". Not sure what that means. I looked through all my styles and they all say they're linked. An article I'm reading shows that this should just
    say, "Paragraph" or "Character."

    Just read about what Linked means: "Paragraph styles format the entire paragraph, as you might expect. Character styles format selected text–a sentence, phrase, word, or even an individual character. Linked styles combine the two. In other words, a
    linked style acts like a paragraph style when a paragraph is selected and a character style when only part of a paragraph is selected." So that probably isn't related to my problem.

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  • From M B K@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 9 19:55:01 2022
    Check your Normal style. If your heading 2 is based on Normal and Normal has some left indent, it will keep going back to how Normal is set up. (and do that in your template and your Normal template)

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