• Custom Template Styles aren't being retained after PDF export or even j

    From ktbca57@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jan 21 07:00:47 2020
    I saw several postings regarding similar issues... but none of the solutions suggested are working... including Automatically update document Styles... I've attached and loaded the custom template... Most of the time this involves lists.. numbered or
    bulleted. However, it also affects font sizes randomly... changing them to a larger size that what I've saved them as.

    I'm the only one using this template, so I don't have to worry about sharing. However, each time I open any Word document, styles seem changed willy nilly and i have to go all the way back thru the document to reapply and set styles. I use the Modify
    option each time so that I also set the styles for new documents.

    The only good part is that once I am able to export the doc as a PDF (and Word and Adobe do NOT play nicely together), I at least have a PDF that I can use as a guide to follow to reapply styles as I originally had them. Otherwise, i don't always
    remember which items where bulleted or numbered, etc... However, having to reapply styles is costing me a lot of time I don't really have to spare.

    I am using Word 2016... are there any suggestions someone can make other than what I've already tried?


    Thank you in advance.
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