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    On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 1:43:34 PM UTC-6, David wrote:
    I have a dozen Windows XP/Pro computers that I provide for school
    agers (grades 1 through 5) use in a day care center I own. The kids
    are amazingly intelligent when it comes to figuring out how to change
    the XP settings I have decided on.

    I am using TweakUI to eliminate most of the icons in the control
    panel, but not all. TweakUI apparently can not get rid of them all.

    Is there any way to prevent someone with only USER privileges from
    accessing the Control Panel? Or alternatively, can I prevent someone
    from seeing the icons in the Control Panel that TweakUI can not get
    rid of?

    kharma plays a game too, but not of ur kinds
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