• Re: Backup certificate when "Mark key as exportable" was not choosen ?

    From Wade Hargrove@21:1/5 to Eric on Tue Jan 11 15:36:07 2022
    On Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 4:23:19 AM UTC-7, Eric wrote:
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge Slav :)

    There's just one more thing: the non-exportable certificates can in fact be exported, because the OS mechanisms that prevent the export aren't a security
    boundary (unless the cert is in specialised hardware storage like HSM or smart card)



    Eric wrote:
    ce containing the PFX file to install the key to the servers that need it >>> (making sure not to mark the private keys as exportable when importing >>> onto the server), and finally storing the device in a locked safe, where >>> it remains

    Thanks Alun for those nice advices ! =))

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge Slav :)

    This worked for me:

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