• Outlook Calendar Appointment

    From BJS@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 16 17:36:05 2018
    I am trying to create a custom form for Outlook Appointment using VBScript but don't have any experiences in developing VBScript script.

    Here is what I want to do:

    The end-user will open up the custom form, fill out the custom form text boxes and drop-downs, and those texts and values from drop-downs will be passed to an appointment body[message box] and sent to a recipient.

    CommandButton1_Click(), the first sub, is located at the end of custom form, which the end user will click to activate the gathering of info, creating an appointment and sending it to whoever the end user puts as a recipient. The reason I need to
    configure how to append all the text boxes and values from drop downs to the appointment message body is because our system only reads the message body from the appointment when executing some backend task.

    My biggest challenge is how to pass texts and drop down values from a custom form to the body of appointment.

    Any ideas? Thank you.
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