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    Wondering if it is possible to change a recurring meeting for future meetings, but also keep what is current for the previous meetings??
    ie if you are changing the day, looking back in the calendar will
    still show the original day/times/notes that have been added... Maybe
    a big ask??

    Not really. By changing the end time you cause Outlook to regenerate the entire series, wiping out all exception information, including notes.

    Instead, create a new calendar folder, copy the recurring event to the new calendar, then export that calendar to a CSV file. Outlook will ask you for a range of dates for the export. Specify the starting date and the new ending date. This will convert the recurring event (which is only a single entry in the calendar) to multiple, nonrecurring entries, each of wehich contains your exceptions and notes. Then, go back to the original calendar and remove the original recurring event and import the CSV. That will re-add all the individual events representing the recurrences, complete with exceptions and notes. You can then add a new recurring appointment that starts where the old one ends. Once it all looks good to you , you can delete the new calendar folder you created and that contains a copy of the original recurring item.
    Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

    I just tried this and it seemed to work. This year's event was already changed from the recurring event and so could be changed in a way that also changed future events. So I went to the next recurrence and modified it to what I wanted. Next year, I
    expect it to be fine.

    Of course, I'd expect this to work for daily/weekly, too. I did not test daily or weekly.
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