• We're giving away 500 Mini Oil Wick Thimble Lighters

    From Jodi@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 23 00:16:22 2020
    Hey James here with the National Outdoor Society.

    We are currently giving away 500 FREE Mini Oil Wick Thimble Lighters.

    Why? To spread seasonal outdoor cheer & grow awareness of N.O.S.

    Why you'll LOVE this fire starter?

    - With the Ultra-Compact design, you won't even notice it's there till you need it.
    - Windproof & Water Resistent, this lighter is ready to tackle any condition.
    - Refillable with Kerosene or your lighter fluid of choice.
    - Durable & rugged, this little fire starter will last a lifetime.

    These are the perfect gift (get up to 3 free micro-lighters!)

    Order now and get em by xmas.


    Happy Camping!

    N.O.S. Team
    (National Outdoor Society)
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