• Treating your wound with wound fillers

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    Since wounds can be so different, wound fillers are generally used for deep wounds as well as for secondary dressing. They come in different forms like powder, gels, foams, beads, pastes, creams, and ointments so that they can be used effectively
    depending on the size and depth of the wound. As they are highly absorbent, they fill in the dead gap in the wound and also provide autolytic debriding in the wound bed. Since deep wounds require packing and re-packing, you need a health expert with
    wound dressing skills to do the job. However, if you are on your own, with hands-on training on treating your wound with wound fillers, always start by wearing a pair of sterile gloves.
    Here is a useful read on wound care: https://www.garnersupply.com/articles/medical-articles/treating-your-wound-with-wound-fillers.html

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