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    On Sunday, April 13, 2003 at 2:56:38 PM UTC+5, Cindy Meister -WordMVP- wrote:
    Hi Jennifer,
    You'd need to ask this in an Excel group; I'd be skeptical,
    too :-)
    FWIW, the charts can be in separate workbooks. In this case,
    you'd need a merge field in the LINK field for the workbook
    name (try to keep the same path, otherwise things get much
    too complicated), as well as one for the chart name. Two
    additional fields in the data source, rather than one.
    Hi -- I am trying to do the same thing: use Excel as my
    data source, bringing over text, numbers AND (hopefully)
    graphs. I've been reading through this Newsgroup and found
    the very helpful posts from Cindy.

    However, I have a concern: I will have 750 records for
    this mail merge. Each record has about 80 fields of data
    PLUS 3 charts per record. Cindy's method #1 suggests
    creating all the charts in Excel as separate sheets and
    then pulling them over. 750x3=2,250 charts, thus 2,250
    separate sheets. Is this feasible for Excel? (I'm not an
    Excel power user!)

    Cindy Meister
    INTER-Solutions, Switzerland
    http://homepage.swissonline.ch/cindymeister (last update Jan
    24 2003)
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    Hey Guys! been a good 18 years and I am facing this exact same problem, is there any easy solution for this now? would be very grateful!
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