• Really odd -- only 255 characters merged...

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    On Monday, November 2, 2009 at 12:20:31 PM UTC-5, Peter Jamieson wrote:
    255 sounds like a very "computer" number
    Yes, it does.
    The main possibility is that in the problem column, none of the first 8
    texts is over 255 characters long. In that case, the OLE DB provider
    that Word uses to get data from Excel will truncate all the texts in the column to 255.
    Although it's a pain to have to do it, if you can make one of the first
    8 cells in the column longer than 255 characters, that /may/ fix the
    There's more info. about this kind of problem at http://tips.pjmsn.me.uk/t0003.htm
    However, there may well be circumstances where this kind of problem
    occurs that I have not described there - e.g. there might be additional problems if you have many columns with large texts.
    Peter Jamieson
    On 02/11/2009 15:36, Nit_Wit_400 wrote:
    I'm using Office 2003 Excel as a database to merge into a Office 2003
    Word document.

    My mergefields are all fairly large, and all but one of them are
    allowing all the characters to be merged (some are upwards of 1000 characters)

    The one that isn't merging all the characters is only allowing 255
    (with spaces) -- no matter what I put in the cell... It's really
    annoying. 255 sounds like a very "computer" number, so I'm not really
    sure where to look for this type of problem, whether it's in my
    datasheet or my word document.

    Any pointers?
    Peter, you my friend are Awesome. Thanks for the help!
    Raul from Virginia USA
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