• Adding in names across 8 document templates

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    I assist in drafting Estate Documents for people and families that want
    an estate plan, but do not have much to leave. We typically draft about
    8 documents from Word templates for each person.

    At present, we send out an estate planning questionnaire to our clients.
    Once we receive their responses, we then copy and paste their responses (manually) into each of the document templates we have, send them to
    clients for review, make changes based on their comments, then once
    everything is good to go, we schedule the clients to come into the
    office and sign the documents.

    On the day of signing, it is my job to insert who will be the witnesses
    and notary for the signing ceremony. Not all documents require the
    witnesses to sign, not all documents require the notary to sign, and
    some documents require both.

    The staff that I insert into the documents as witnesses and notaries
    change depending on who is available that day to serve as a witness or
    notary. So when I learn what witnesses and notary we will have
    available, I have to go into each of the 8 documents and add in the
    names and addresses of the witnesses and notary. This usually takes me
    over an hour to copy and paste them all in to each of the documents,
    despite my best efforts.

    I am wondering if there is a way to automate the adding in of the names
    across all 8 documents.

    I am also trying to use Microsoft Forms to automate the building of the
    word documents from client responses. The problem is, when the
    templates are created, I do not know who will serve as the witnesses or
    notary, so I cannot insert that information until the day of signing.
    I have decent computer knowledge (no coding knowledge), so if someone
    could point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated.

    My questions:
    - Is it possible to automate the adding in of witness names and notary
    names across 8 documents?
    - Should I be using Microsoft Power Automate to accomplish this?
    - I was thinking of having the clients fill out a Microsoft Forms questionnaire, have the data exported to excel, then have excel export
    to my Microsoft Word templates. Then I can also have in Excel a place
    for my witness and notary names to export from there into the word

    Thank you so incredibly much!!!!

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