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    Organizing thoughts and ideas in a logical manner in an essay so that
    the reader can understand and easily follow the author’s thinking.
    It may sound an easy task, but it is not that easy as it seems. It is
    true that ideas tend to come out in whatever form they occur to the
    writer. So, it is not always that easy to turn the first draft into a
    cohesive and coherent order.

    Deciding what information belongs to which part of the paper and what
    should come first, second, etc. All require creating a logical flow of information from one point to another. Sometimes and especially for
    students who lack good writing skills, it is hard to make these

    The organization of information varies and somehow it depends on the
    type of essay and the subject as well. However, there are some
    guidelines that applied to all types of essays and can be followed as a
    general guide for organizing the essay content. Follow the
    below-mentioned guidelines to learn important strategies for organizing
    an essay. Otherwise, you can also go for online 'write essay for me' (https://www.5staressays.com/) services if you face any difficulty in
    your essay writing assignments.

    *Create An Outline*
    Start with an outline with all the points that you want to include in
    your essay. Take into account your thesis statement and decide what
    points your essay should cover. For example, if you are writing a
    compare and contrast essay, you should first outline all the differences
    and similarities.

    *Include Your Sources In An Order*
    Determine the order in which you want to discuss the points. Keep in
    mind that there is no need to copy the structure of writing the same way
    it is mentioned in the source. Most students make this mistake my
    reiterating the points as it is to build the main argument around it.
    Instead, it is important to focus on the central idea of each paragraph
    and presenting the evidence in a different order than it appears in the
    source. In this way, your paragraph will have a better flow of

    *Topic Sentences For Each Body Paragraph*
    A clear topic sentence plays an important role in organizing an essay
    properly. Devote each body paragraph of the essay to only discuss a
    separate point. Tangential information in paragraphs will cerate a
    disorganized essay.

    Make sure the topic sentence directly relates to the main argument of
    the essay. Avoid statements that are way too general and are not
    directly related to the thesis.

    *Use Transition Words*
    Make use of transition words to connect each body paragraph to the
    previous one so that information flows from one point to another in a
    logical manner. Starting body paragraphs with words such as ‘in contrast’, ‘likewise’ will help your readers to follow
    your thoughts and ideas.

    *An Effective Conclusion*
    Restate your thesis using different sets of words and summarize the main
    points of your essay. To craft an attention-grabbing conclusion, provide insight into the practical implication of your argument and finding for
    further discussion.

    The above list is the simplest yet effective technique that you can
    follow to organize your essay. It presents a basic idea and is certainly helpful in learning how to structure an argument in a logical and
    coherent manner. At the end, if you have any doubt while writing essay
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