• Dynamic Index for Mergefields

    From M. Hummel@21:1/5 to All on Fri Oct 25 13:14:35 2019
    In a mail merge, I need to create an index based on a Mergefield. When I
    try this, I get an index with every page listed and the MERGEFIED rather
    than the field contents which generated in the mail merge. Is there a
    way to create an index based on a mail merge field rather than static
    text? I have searched multiple sites, but they all say to stick with the Reference-Mark Entry (in the Index section of the Reference tab)
    standard formatting which does not work.

    The current content looks like this:
    { XE "\<<Object_Name_Level_2\>>" } { MERGEFIELD Object_Name_Level_2 }

    Where the { XE "\Object_Name_Level_2\" } is the hidden text index tag. I
    tried editing this to show as the following:
    { XE "\{ MERGEFIELD Object_Name_Level_2 }\" } { MERGEFIELD
    Object_Name_Level_2 }

    That did not work either...

    I am creating this mail merge which is run against a SQL database in RSA Archer. We have created other mail merge documents which run
    beautifully, but this our first attempt at creating an index. Any
    suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    M. Hummel
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