• Outlook Express 6.0 Lost Emails

    From "Newgene McMensa" @21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 1 17:24:58 2018
    I did it again.... was copying files within OE6 and they disappeared. First thought was I dropped them in the next folder to the one I was using, but I have checked all the folders and none to be found. Then since I was copying, I looking the original
    folder, and they were gone, too. Probably my mistake and cutting instead....

    These files are not that important, but still would like to get them back. Last back up has some of them, but still..... they were "sent" files and can get them from the recipients if needed.

    Hoping someone has a simple way to find them.

    Next try will be to back up the whole folder on another hard drive, and then unerase the open space. Not the way I want to spend the day...

    Pls post, but also email me if you have something I can try. Just remove the REMOVEs in the address.

    Thanks in advance.

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