• How to run RHEL 8.2 under Windows WSL2?

    From Dev Linux@21:1/5 to All on Mon Aug 17 08:04:56 2020
    I want to run RHEL 8.2 in a bash (no UI) terminal under Windows 10 Pro (2004) that comes with WSL2

    1. Is there a list of steps anywhere, that would help me download what I need, and get RHEL 8.2 running under WSL2?
    2. What would I need to download? (need direct URL - there are so many options for RHEL 8.2 , I am confused)
    3. What steps would I need to take to get this running locally on my Windows 10 machine?

    I don't want to run any existing RHEL available in the Windows store, I want to roll my own (not that it's available in the Windows Store), but it should be, are you listening Redhat?

    I don't want to run RHEL 8.2 under VirtualBox or any other virtualization technology, just WSL2

    If anyone at Redhat, has experience with this, and has *actually* done this with RHEL 8.2 and WSL2 and has it working swimingly, please reply, would love to get this up and running for a higher level of productivity, scripting and automation on my
    Windows dev box.

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