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    On Wednesday, 19 May 2004 01:59:41 UTC+1, Robert C wrote:
    Is there a GUI for vsftpd ?
    google came up nothing


    I have found a couple but they are HTTP based, not an app based...

    I have been battling my vsftpd install that refuses any connection yet the server is runing.

    I have consulted many tutorials on install to congig, the install part is heavily covered, most of the really needed config business is not well covered and have noticed this ignoran attitude of some who do belittle others over not being able to install,
    set up, configure, well actually, shitty programming, retarded implementations of something that should really be childs play, Linux makes things overly complicated.

    Also programming is shit, I can't install by the synaptic package manager, it does fuck all.

    I have to commandline all my commands and sudo is falkey as shit, often having to log in as the super user to get the job done, I find that modern linux compared to that of 20 years ago, is no better than windows and this legacy support seems to have
    been dumped, leaving a trail of perfectly good tech that can be used but from the stigma of being slower or older or not enough bits...

    I think that Linux users need an attitude check to be quite frank, my experience (overall) is that they are very rude, hinder (as is my experience) or not at all helpful with their derisory remarks, as I have witnessed in these threads here.

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