• Error in starting Apache with php jailed environment in Centos7 (Random

    From Ameerkhan Mohamed@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 20 23:48:28 2018
    I am planning to use PHP version 5.6.31. Hence, i compiled and installed OPENSSl-1.0.1, PCRE-8.41, CURL 7.55.1, APACHE-2.4.27. Everything built in 64 bit configuration.
    I did bundle the chroot environment in the machine. Copied every dependency library in the bundled folder

    Ran the following commands to make dev folder
    mknod /chroot_jail/dev/null c 1 3
    chown root.sys /chroot_jail/dev/null
    chmod 666 /chroot_jail/dev/null
    chmod 777 /chroot_jail/tmp

    Then, when we tried to run the apache with the following command, we faced error

    /usr/sbin//chroot /chroot_jail /apache/bin/httpd -k start

    Error : ah00141: could not initialize random number generator

    We tried the following idea to fix it, but nothing worked.

    Idea 1 : cp /usr/lib/systemd/system/rngd.service /etc/systemd/system
    Edit the /etc/systemd/system/rngd.service file and replace the line starting with ExecStart with:
    ExecStart=/sbin/rngd -f -r /dev/urandom
    Reload the Systemd configuration:
    systemctl daemon-reload
    Restart the rngd service:
    systemctl restart rngd
    Idea 2 : Tried compiling apr and apr-util separately and then installed apache by giving external path.

    Guide me in this issue, please.

    Thanks in advance.


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