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    From Jenkins Team at Grml@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 22 01:40:02 2021
    See <http://jenkins.grml.org/job/dpkg-binaries/architecture=i386/661/display/redirect>


    [...truncated 750.19 KB...]
    # Test data.tar.gz member
    ar rc pkg-data-gz.deb debian-binary control.tar.gz data.tar.gz
    ar t pkg-data-gz.deb
    dpkg-deb -c pkg-data-gz.deb

    # Test data.tar.xz member
    ar rc pkg-data-xz.deb debian-binary control.tar.gz data.tar.xz
    ar t pkg-data-xz.deb
    dpkg-deb -c pkg-data-xz.deb

    # Test data.tar.bz2 member
    ar rc pkg-data-bz2.deb debian-binary control.tar.gz data.tar.bz2
    ar t pkg-data-bz2.deb
    dpkg-deb -c pkg-data-bz2.deb

    # Test data.tar.lzma member
    ar rc pkg-data-lzma.deb debian-binary control.tar.gz data.tar.lzma
    ar t pkg-data-lzma.deb
    dpkg-deb -c pkg-data-lzma.deb

    # Test non-uniform data.tar/control.tar member compression
    ar rc pkg-mixed-comp.deb debian-binary control.tar.xz data.tar.gz
    ar t pkg-mixed-comp.deb
    # XXX: Ideally we would have no need to strip trailing spaces.
    dpkg-deb -I pkg-mixed-comp.deb | $SED -e 's/ *$//'
    dpkg-deb -c pkg-mixed-comp.deb

    2. deb-format.at:8: ok

    3. deb-content.at:3: testing dpkg-deb .deb conffiles ... ../../t-func/deb-content.at:14:
    # Duplicate conffile entries should produce a warning.
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-conff-duped

    dpkg-deb: building package 'pkg-conff-duped' in 'pkg-conff-duped.deb'. ../../t-func/deb-content.at:25:
    # Conffiles need a final newline to guarantee there's been no accidental
    # file truncation.
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-conff-noeol pkg-conff-noeol.deb

    # Conffiles must use absolute pathnames.
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-conff-noabs pkg-conff-noabs.deb

    # Conffiles must not contain empty lines.
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-conff-empty pkg-conff-empty.deb

    # Conffiles must not contain prefixed spaces.
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-conff-space-prefix pkg-conff-space-prefix.deb

    # Conffiles marked with an unknown flag.
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-conff-unknown-flag pkg-conff-unknown-flag.deb

    # Conffiles need a pathname, in addition to a flag.
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-conff-missing-pathname pkg-conff-missing-pathname.deb

    # Conffiles marked for removal must not be present.
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-conff-removed-missing pkg-conff-removed-missing.deb

    --- /dev/null 2011-03-04 11:53:52.000000000 +0000
    +++ /build/dpkg-1.21.0~20211122000748.734/build-tree/t-func/testsuite.dir/at-groups/3/stderr 2021-11-22 00:11:51.323175112 +0000
    @@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
    +dpkg-deb: warning: conffile filename '/test-conffile-missing' contains trailing white spaces
    +dpkg-deb: warning: ignoring 1 warning about the control file(s)
    dpkg-deb: building package 'pkg-conff-removed-missing' in 'pkg-conff-removed-missing.deb'.
    3. deb-content.at:3: FAILED (deb-content.at:76)

    4. deb-fields.at:3: testing dpkg-deb .deb fields ... ../../t-func/deb-fields.at:7:
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-package-type-void
    # Test absence of Package-Type field.
    test -z "$(dpkg-deb -f pkg-package-type-void.deb Package-Type)"

    dpkg-deb: building package 'pkg-package-type-void' in 'pkg-package-type-void.deb'.
    dpkg-deb -b pkg-package-type-use
    # Test presence of Package-Type field.
    test -n "$(dpkg-deb -f pkg-package-type-use.deb Package-Type)"

    dpkg-deb: bu