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    Format: 1.8
    Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 06:02:07 +0100
    Source: debsig-verify
    Architecture: source
    Version: 0.24
    Distribution: unstable
    Urgency: medium
    Maintainer: Dpkg Developers <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org>
    Changed-By: Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
    debsig-verify (0.24) unstable; urgency=medium
    * Switch keyring parser from gpg --list-packets to --show-keys --with-colons.
    * Use fingerprint and fallback to use long keyIDs for database filenames.
    * Reject weak RIPEMD160 and SHA1 algorithms.
    * Documentation:
    - Update .gpg keyring references to .pgp in man page.
    - Mention OpenPGP instead of gpg in generic code comments.
    - Clarify the requirement for OpenPGP keyrings.
    Prompted by Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com>.
    See #988646.
    - Update and modernize the policy-syntax specification.
    * Code internals:
    - Move GnuPG specific macros to the GnuPG backend module.
    - Rename gpgVerify() to sigVerify().
    - Add a new find_command() function.
    - Abstract the OpenPGP operations behind a frontend driver.
    - Move checkSigExist() from misc to openpgp module.
    - Rename XML parser file to policy-xml.
    - Refactor key ID comparison function.
    - Support comparing keyIDs and fingerprints.
    - Refactor database filename generation into a new function.
    - Refactor prefix matching into a new function.
    - Regroup header includes.
    * Build system:
    - Add GitLab CI support.
    - Update .gitignore file.
    * Packaging:
    - Fix typo for Standards-Version field.
    - Switch to Standards-Version 4.6.0 (no changes needed).
    - Do not include the keyid in the example policies pathname.
    * Test suite:
    - Rename .gpg keyrings to .pgp.
    - Abstract OpenPGP details into debsig_openpgp_* functions.
    - Check OpenPGP backend availability.
    - Add sqop and sq OpenPGP backend support.
    - Remove obsolete and non-compliant test data.
    Reported by Charles Duffy <charles@dyfis.net>.
    - Shorten test case titles.
    - Move bad sig case after no sig case.
    fd52457e7b27f305bfdbc2ff2a79863532b919b7 1865 debsig-verify_0.24.dsc
    25e7b847f86adfed91804cbbcbb349ccb1357f48 134852 debsig-verify_0.24.tar.xz
    75babac0ac0537835edaf221bc329097494decf0 6996 debsig-verify_0.24_amd64.buildinfo
    72e93f6cfd72fd21c2b788267ea75c707bc506c8672ab983ca75fac2e0134b04 1865 debsig-verify_0.24.dsc
    0e30b571cf5408585fa7691ce2fa51b58608f6444aa291fd6cbf0e385149bb17 134852 debsig-verify_0.24.tar.xz
    0481fa1dca5340108bedb1d08ce3d0f167ff914e2f28e7cd5fbe31adb3f34509 6996 debsig-verify_0.24_amd64.buildinfo
    c7c1e15ed2f3d7a591dd5b2ec255d8b8 1865 admin optional debsig-verify_0.24.dsc
    00b598e12e13354f24af90b044006fa4 134852 admin optional debsig-verify_0.24.tar.xz
    28265b80241becf29286e62d0f034f67 6996 admin optional debsig-verify_0.24_amd64.buildinfo


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