• Git commit format changes

    From Guillem Jover@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 04:30:01 2020

    I've prepared a script to help with generating debian/changelog from
    the git log output, but that requires for commit messages to follow
    a specific format. For translators, in my next push, this will be
    documented in the README.l10n file (which I'm also attaching), I'll
    probably merge some doc for the general commit format instead of
    relying on the wiki.

    Just a heads-up that debian/changelog should not be modified any
    longer and that the commit messages need to follow the new format. :)


    Translators, when adding/updating your translation files, please follow
    the following rules:

    * Do not update debian/changelog:

    - The file will get generated out of the commit messages at release time.
    - Beware that you should NOT update any of the legacy ChangeLog.old
    files for translation updates.

    * Format of commit message

    Following guidelines in <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/GitUsage>
    you should start the commit message with a summary line, followed by an
    empty line and optional pseudo-headers.

    The summary line should use the following format:

    «po: <Action> <Language> <part> translation»


    - <Action> is one of “Update” or “Add”,
    - <Language> should be capitalized (such as “English”),
    - <part> should be one of «programs» (for lib, src/, dpkg-deb/, dpkg-split/
    and utils/), «dselect», «scripts» and «man pages» (man/).

    For example:

    po: Update German programs translation

    Closes: #123456
    Reviewed-by: Full Name <email@example.org> ==========================================================

    * Use of po/LINGUAS, dselect/po/LINGUAS or scripts/po/LINGUAS:

    When ADDING a new translation, don't forget adding the language to
    the LINGUAS file, otherwise it will not be used.

    * Always CHECK your translations:

    You MUST check your PO files for validity.

    The correct syntax for doing so is:

    $ msgmerge -U <file> dpkg.pot
    $ msgfmt -c -o /dev/null --statistics <file>
    $ msgcat <file> >/dev/null

    - msgmerge updates your file with the current POT file.
    - msgfmt checks it for validity.
    - msgcat may detect encoding problems.

    In addition to the above, the easiest way to check that the po4a
    translations have valid POD markup, is to try to build them (please
    see the Building sections in the README file for further details
    regarding the setup of the source tree):

    $ make -C man

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