• French language track at DebConf20 online?

    From Antonio Terceiro@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jun 21 01:20:02 2020

    As you might have noticed, DebConf20 is being organized as an online conference. In the CFP, we called for volunteers to maybe organize language-specific tracks ("miniconfs") during DebConf:

    ## Language-specific miniconfs

    This time we will try something different: language-specific miniconfs as
    tracks inside DebConf20. If you would like to organize one, get in touch with
    the content team by email to <content@debconf.org> or on the #debconf-content
    channel on IRC. Note that for that to work, you will have to provide volunteers
    who speak the language to the content team (to review and approve talks) and to
    the video team (to operate the streaming tools live during the talks or edit
    prerecorded talks in advance), because those jobs will need people with
    knowledge of the language spoken in the talks.

    This could help to attract local communities who would not otherwise participate in DebConf20 due to the language barrier. It doesn't have to
    be a lot of talks, a couple of them could already be nice.

    If you are interested, please gather a team of volunteers to handle the necessary tasks as described above, and let the DebConf20 content team


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