• router receives both type 4 and type 1 DUID

    From Andrea Borgia@21:1/5 to All on Sat Aug 24 21:20:01 2019

    Checking the router logs, I see my desktop is sending both type 4
    (stable and independent from MAC) and type 1 (MAC) DUIDs.

    I'm sure it's my desktop:
    * I see them when I force NetworkManager to disconnect / reconnect
    * the address corresponding to the type 4 is a static lease for this desktop
    * ping6 to the address sent in response to the type 1 fails

    Under IPV6, NM is configured with:
    Connection method: automatic
    Privacy Ext.: enabled, prefer temporary
    Gen.mode: stable privacy

    What gives? My laptop has an identical configuration and apparently only
    sends type 4 as I expected.

    Also, the type 1 DUID is always used for "REBIND IA_NA" messages.


    --- SoupGate-Win32 v1.05
    * Origin: fsxNet Usenet Gateway (21:1/5)