• New water treatment chemical--High-purity poly aluminium chloride (P

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    Dear Purchanse Manager.

    Have a good day!

    Our New High-purity poly aluminium chloride(PAC)-Al oxide solution active meets 19%,price are competitive,sample free supply test.It is the highest solution active on the world,and it is the best quality.

    Traditional light yellow PAC production strain relief,accept new order.

    If the products interest you,please send us detailed requirements.We will make you offers immediately.We sincerly hope to conclude some satisfactory transactions with you in the
    near further.

    Application areaUnit (g/MT water)
    Domestic water2.5~25
    Industrial water2.5~25
    Municipal sewage15~50
    Electroplating wastewater20~100
    Metallurgical waste water20~150
    Paper-making wastewater50~300
    Printing and dyeing
    Bleaching and dyeing wastewater100~300
    Paint waste water100~300
    Tannery wastewater100~300
    Foods waste water50~150
    Chemical Industrial waste water50~100
    Emulsified wastewater50~200
    Coal-washing wastewater30~100

    Welcome your
    inquiry at any time.

    Thanks and best regards.
    Miss Amy
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