• Planning a Debian/Linux m68k Meeting in 2020

    From John Paul Adrian Glaubitz@21:1/5 to Carsten Strotmann on Tue Jun 2 09:20:01 2020
    Hi Carsten!

    On 6/1/20 12:50 PM, Carsten Strotmann wrote:
    the meeting will be this coming Friday 5th June 20:00 CEST on the Jitsi Videoconferencing server:


    There is currently password protection enabled for this server, the
    server will be open 30 minutes before the meeting starts.

    Topics to discuss (non exhaustive):

    * virtual and/or in-person meeting options
    * location
    * date and time
    * scope (Topics for the meeting)
    * Agenda for meeting (Talks? Moderated Discussions? Training for new
    project members ....)

    If you have additions to the Agenda let me know.

    I would suggest adding the topic "Funding of new m68k software projects"
    (for example, the development of an M68000 backend for LLVM) [1].


    [1] https://www.bountysource.com/issues/90829856-llvm-complete-the-m68000-backend-so-it-can-be-merged-upstream

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